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Anyone need voiceacting? (and etc)

Posted by Aqlex - February 20th, 2012

Hey guys! I put up a voiceacting demo thingy. If anyone is looking for a voiceactor, PM me or something!

Also, I recently designed a logo for A-Genius of Newgrounds! That's probably something I won't be doing often, but I did have some fun doing it =).

On that note of making something for someone else, I know I posted this a few months back, but I thought I would put up the link again. I did some flash animation for GiR2007's "Google Translate Beaver Beatbox" youtube video!

Hopefully, I'll be able to help out other people's videos/animations by being a voiceactor =).

Oh, you guys were wondering about my next animation? I just started animating something super short that I hope to get done within a month or two. Here is a preview picture, I guess.

Anyone need voiceacting? (and etc)

Comments (2)

That voice demo wasn't too good, if that's your range it's pretty basic stuff.
I suggest trying out a bunch of different and interesting voices, try imitating voices that you hear on TV or people that you hear talking to each other on the street.
Whenever you have a spare moment, try working on it. Certainly won't be good without any practice.

The number one thing you have to remember is to make it natural sounding, so practice reading something and pretending you are speaking to an actual person. There's nothing worse then voice acting that sounds dull and flat, like it's being read directly from paper.

For further inspiration, I suggest listening to other voice demos here on Newgrounds. Such as ones by Seymour or Ricepirate. Not copying them directly of course, try putting your own personal spin on things.

Just a few pointers for you, I hope that helps! Good luck in the future.

Thanks for making that logo for me! I liked your demo voice acting too! I want to see if you can try something a voice. So expect a pm soon!