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Funna released... finally.

Posted by Aqlex - October 24th, 2015

Watch it here.


5 years later, I'm finally done with this one! Has it taken me forever or what?

This animation follows Mr. Meyer (before the events of Fudda, Finna, and Fitta), as he has to deal with Billy, a misbehaving student that prefers not to speak traditional English. Rife with inside jokes, as well as a couple of High School physics/chem jokes, this animation pokes some fun at teachers, students, and the education system in general.

I've been working on and off on this animation for about 5 years now. It was meant to be one of my animations directly after the release of Fitta, and though I got the script and voice work all finished, circumstances changed and I had to rewrite the script somewhat (the original was making cancer jokes that just didn't quite feel appropriate when someone close to the project contracted the disease). Then I realized I really wanted to work on Funny School Things 2. Then... well one of the many things that happened was college. But about 2 years into college, I picked Funna back up. I touched up the script once again, drew storyboards, and started on the backgrounds. Later I decided to re-do all of the original voice work.

Then I had to set it down again as my new semester started to kick into gear.

This sad cycle repeated numerous times. Start work on it, set it down due to school/work/life, then eventually pick it back up. I even set it down at least twice (maybe more?) to work on "smaller" projects, because it was just taking so darn long to make this thing that I wanted to be able to FINISH something again. (Not that this project was even that particularly long. It was just getting to me how long it was taking to make.)

Anyway, it's finally done. This was really the "project that got away." It was sitting partially finished on my machine for years... I upgraded my programs and machine more than once in the meantime, and it was a miracle everything stayed together. The only casualty is that I lost the very first script... so I'm not even sure what I changed anymore, because that was written about 5 years ago...


By the way, I've actually written 4 different animations with the Mr. Meyer character. This just happens to be the first one ever finished. One was one of the animations I canceled, another is still a possible future project, and one will only happen if I ever decide to do some sort of Funny School Things skit-style collection. I've voiced the character for three of four, and it's kinda crazy how much I've already considered this as being one of my characters for years, considering this is the first time anyone else has actually seen him. The one animation where he's a character that I might do one day isn't even starring him, though the role is major enough. We'll see if I ever even get there.

Well, it doesn't matter. At least THIS piece is finally finished. Enjoy it if you can! If you can't... find something better to do. Later!



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