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New Animation: Slap (Fudda Pt. 4)

Posted by Aqlex - December 12th, 2016

Watch it here.

And first, maybe watch the the first 3 parts (Fudda, Finna, & Fitta) right here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/664900

And then maybe watch part 0 (Funna) here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/665148

And then it would make sense to watch Slap.



"Slap" concludes the adventures of Mr. Youth and his quest to teach his students. Many characters return to bring this story to a close.

Started about 6 years ago as part of my completely unintentional series that originated from a one-off spin-off of another series I failed to ever continue, "Slap" concludes Mr. Youth's epic teaching struggle arc. It's actually amazing how little this piece has changed since I originally envisioned it back in High School. The art style has definitely changed a bit, but the writing has pretty much remained untouched (besides the "Previously on..." joke that was tagged on about 3 years ago, and the very final scene which I added recently to tie the story up neatly.

There's nothing that crazy here in terms of the animation, but I definitely pushed some of my own skills into a new department with a few parts. There are definitely more considered rack focuses and camera moves than I usually do, which I think is a good thing.

On a related note, this piece was actually originally titled Funna. The script was the same thing, with the only mention of Funna being by Mr. Meyer in the beginning, but after writing it, I was inspired to write a script about Mr. Meyer actually dealing with this Funna-kid. So I wrote it. And then I changed the name, because THAT animation HAD to be called Funna. So this one was stuck with the only other title that it could be given, which was Slap. Which I find oddly appropriate, as this one brings many of the stories and characters back together for a final head-to-head, and it all culminates in a moment of action after all the inaction presented in the rest of this series. Also, Mr. Youth is finally slapped upside the head with an epiphany about his role as a teacher, so that happens.

I am super glad to finally be done with this piece. It has been driving me crazy for years that this thing was never concluded, but I'll finally be able to sleep at night. BUT, the one sad bit is that I think this might be it for these characters. I definitely have other scripts that contain them (Mr. Meyer and Mr. Youth in particular), but I don't see myself focusing on any of those anytime soon. If ever...?

What's next? It's too early to talk about, but I am planning on turning my attention to material that has been written a bit more recently than 6 years ago. Maybe only 3 years ago this time! But if you've been following my work for a long time, it will definitely be in one of the worlds that I've already established (No, all my work does not fall into the same world. Though yes, many of my pieces are part of the same worlds). And I'm hoping to find a way to release work a little more often than I've been managing for the last few years, but who knows. I think I've made that promise to myself every year for the last 8 years.



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