Entry #40

And to wrap it all up...

2016-12-16 02:53:59 by Aqlex

I'm releasing my 6-year animated epic, the Fudda series, compiled into in a single, chronologically-ordered video.

You can watch it here.


I am not super excited to be "re-releasing" work like this, but it's kind of been a dream of mine for many years to finish this series and then compile the entire thing together. I mean, what better way to properly pick up on the jokes and storylines than seeing all of the parts together, in order? There isn't one, I tell you!



As I've said before, this series was an accident. It was never planned. Which is sad, because I have actually tried to plan animation series before, and I've generally failed. Case in point: I tried to make a flash series called GunDan at one point, but the first episode took about 6 months so I realized it just wasn't possible. Funnily enough, I made a silly spin-off taking place in the GunDan world, based on a random observation by my sister. The short was called Fudda. Somehow I came up with ideas for expanding it, so I made Finna. Rise and repeat until we are here today, 6 years later. Oops.

Coincidentally, the "arc" present in this story isn't perfect. Mainly because it was never originally written to really have a larger arc. It just sort of accidentally fell into place once I got far enough. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with how it all ties up! And finally, this little thought in a deep corner of my brain has been given some resolution. (1080p, even! And 4k on YouTube, because I'm cool).

Here's hoping that my next piece isn't so far off. But I say that every time. So, yeah. But I can at least assure you that the script is already done. So... take that! (Preferably with a grain of salt).



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