I am Alex. I make films and animations. Will my stuff be awesome? Hell no, but who cares?! Nobody, that's who. </rant>. Current Project: Clothing

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California College of the Arts

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I've posted a new short for the first time in years!

Brother & Sister: Ep 5 - "Hanging Out"

Working in the film industry has taken over a lot of time, and I have less time than ever to make things nowadays. I've been busy on a particularly large project of my own for the past few years, but the pandemic forced me to set it aside for a while until we're allowed to start gathering in large groups again. So, I switched back to some of the animated projects that had been on hold because of the big project!

I know the animation and concepts in these are pretty simple. It's not that I don't have much larger or more complex projects to tackle, but these shorts are designed to be reasonably finishable, so that's why I'm making them. I'd rather finish something than spend years on too many huge projects that fall apart. Plus, I'm having fun, so that's what matters, right?

We'll see if I get any more of these done before the pandemic is properly over. I'm not so sure, because this one already basically took me a full year of the pandemic to finally finish. But if we're lucky, I'll squeeze in another one or two!

My local film industry is pretty much still in full swing though, despite the pandemic, so it's not like I'm sitting at home with nothing to do very often. But if a gap shows up, you know I'll be working on the next one!

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