New Short!

2013-10-30 03:06:29 by Aqlex

Hey everyone!

Just got a new short together. I've been working with Flash for YEARS, but I finally got myself into an actual class on it in college. Lots of this stuff I already figured out over the years, but I've definitely picked up a few new tricks and tools. Anyway, this was our first proper assignment: Have 3 scenes and a jump, with no dialogue or walking.

I abused the blur filter, thanks to Swivel! I've always wanted to get to use it more, and now I can.

I think I managed to animate the smoothest thing I've done thus far, even though it is incredibly short and simple. I hope you enjoy it!

New Short!


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2013-10-30 09:02:02

I enjoyed part of it! keep it up!