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I love trance, and I love this

I love techno/trance/dance songs in general, and this one is no different. Even though it's your first attempt at it, I think it sounds like a professional trance song. I have already downloaded it and put it on my MP3 player! Make more =)

Michael425 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed this one. There are more songs to come.

Thanks for the review.


Great stuff =)

I've been checking back for a new song often, and I was starting to lose hope, but finally something new came out. It's pretty good, too =). Some of it seems a little repetitive, but I really don't mind at all. I love the intro, by the way. 5/5, 8/10, and a download =)

Michael425 responds:

Yeah I was losing hope too haha. It took me forever to finish this.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for listening and the review.

Although not something I'd normally listen to...

This song still sounds great, and I can imagine using it in some animations, especially more serious ones, maybe when a character is sad or confused. Or at the beginning of a serious animation. I dunno, but keep up the good work! =)

Very calm

I don't think this is something I would normally listen to, but I can imagine using it in some of my animations, so I might contact you about that one day xD.

Despite the fact that it's supposedly random

and old, I love this song nonetheless. Keep making songs, please! Everything about it was still awesome xD, like all of your work.

Great, but short!

You said if you don't know if you were going to extend it, but I say go for it. I really like what's here, and I'd love to download a full version of this remix if you make one! Keep making songs, dude xD

Sound great so far!

I love it so far. I say you should finish this, because I would love a full version!

I've heard the original

and I think I prefer this one! Good job! Excuse me while I go download this.


I've been looking forward to this for some time now. Ever since you released all those demos, I've been waiting for them to come out, as you are one of my favorite newgrounds artists. This was one I was especially looking forward to. For some reason, it still doesn't capture me quiet as much as Runaway, but it's still awesome as hell. I would prefer a little more piano and a higher speed, but that's only me. Please keep making more songs! Excuse me while I download this.

Pretty Good!

I'm definitely downloading this. I wouldn't say it's my favorite by you, but after reading all of these terrible reviews, I felt that I had to review, because the song is really pretty good. I dunno what's wrong with everyone else. I wouldn't mind it a little faster, though, and maybe a little longer, but what you put here is plenty better than what those other retards are giving you credit for. Good work man, and keep making more!

DaGrahamCraka responds:

Thank you :))))DDD)0332fff

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