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I am Alex. I make films and animations. Will my stuff be awesome? Hell no, but who cares?! Nobody, that's who. </rant>. Current Project: Hanging Out

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Aqlex's News

Posted by Aqlex - July 11th, 2011

I just released Genius Cop II! It has RicePirate in it, so you know it's going to be awesome. Actually, who knows what you guys will think of it, but I really do hope for my sake that you enjoy it. The animation is a little better than the first Genius Cop, the voiceacting is better, the jokes are a little better(?) and it's a whole minute longer. If you never saw the original animation, check it out!
If you're new to my stuff, I suggest you go check out some of my other animations, maybe like my only ever front page animation, Funny School Things 2!
Also, check out my Aqlex Productions facebook page for occasional updates and news about my animations!
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aqlex-Pr oductions/158955824132492

And if you liked Genius Cop or Genius Cop II, help support me by buying some t-shirts!

Genius Cop II, featuring RicePirate!

Posted by Aqlex - February 18th, 2011

While in between working on another bigger animation, I challenged myself to animate something in one day. It became Right Where You Do It, based a true story.

Genius Cop really wasn't received as well as I'd hoped, which sucks because I wasn't expecting it to do well in the first place, but it actually did worse than my expectations. BUT, I'm still probably going to make a sequel, only because I have a last few jokes I want to make with that character, and so I don't go back to animating things that take place at school just yet (since a huge amount of stuff I do seems to relate to school). So, watch out for a possible sequel to Genius Cop =P!

Also, check out my Aqlex Productions facebook page for occasional updates and news about my animations!

New Super-short animation (made in 1 day?)

Posted by Aqlex - February 2nd, 2011

I've released my newest animation, Genius Cop! It's a crappy animation about a dumb cop. It sucks because the my friend and I thought the joke was funny when we were 8, so I have a feeling it has lost a lot of the punch over the past decade. Still, I worked on it for some 2-3 weeks, so check it out if you can! If you're new to my animations, you should check out Funny School Things 2 while you're at it =).
If this animation does well, or if I just feel like it, I have some ideas for Genius Cop II, so I might just work on that. If the animation does horribly, then I'll just move on to a different project. Okay, stop reading and go check out Genius Cop while you can!

Also, check out my Aqlex Productions facebook page for occasional updates and news about my animations!

New Animation: Genius Cop!

Posted by Aqlex - November 29th, 2010

Hey! One of my favorite older animations, The Worst Fight Ever, is officially part of the treasure hunt. I noticed the increase in traffic and Flash Ad impressions, too. I kinda doubt that it'll win anything, but I'm always glad for some extra views on my stuff. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should do so =). And maybe even help it stick out in the Treasure Hunt if you find it worthy enough! Thanks Newgrounders, for all of the support.

The Worst Fight Ever, in the treasure hunt!

Posted by Aqlex - October 23rd, 2010

Okay, well first, I put up a poster that I colored that one of my friends drew a year or two back for one of my old animations. Check it out!
Next, I decided to put one of my old flashes up in the 2010 Treasure Hunt. I love the idea of the treasure hunt, and "The Worst Fight Ever" has always been one of my favorite animations that I've always wanted to get a little more attention. So, we'll see how that turns out, I guess xD.
Meanwhile, school and college applications have screwed over all my animation time, so I really have nothing in the works right now, just lots of bits and pieces of things that won't turn into anything for quite a while, though I am thinking of doing a very short animation or two eventually just so I can work on something.
Finally, I'm getting a new video camera! I already have two scripts in mind for short, filmed movies, which I haven't done in years. I've been so concentrated on animation in the recent times that I haven't really edited any actual film stuff, so maybe you guys'll have some of that to look forward to one day.
Anyway, I think that's all I had to say. Not that anyone actually cares =P.
P.S. That picture is one I whipped up in under a minute for a the "mango with sticky rice" my club was selling the other day at school. It turns out people don't really like mango with their sticky rice...

New Art, and treasure hunt?

Posted by Aqlex - September 21st, 2010

Funny School Things 2 Extras is now out! I suggest watching Funny School Things 2 before you check out the extras xD. With 5 AP classes, college applications, scholarships, and SAT's and who KNOWS what else coming up this year for me, it might be a while before I really get to work on something else. Also, if you liked Funny School Things 2, check out Funny School Things 1 and The Worst Fight Ever (it's a planned skit that grew into it's own separate project). I hope it won't be TOO long before my next project =/. Thanks for watching my stuff, everyone.

Funny School Things 2 Extras, now released!

Posted by Aqlex - September 6th, 2010

If you liked Funny School Things 2, I'm now working on Funny School Things 2 Extras! It's just a supplement to Funny School Things 2, for those that enjoyed it. It includes some deleted scenes, animatics, voiceacting outtakes, and bits of fun stuff like that xD. I have a lot of the stuff I need already, and I just need to pull it all together! Expect it within a month (no more than 2 months, even if school decides it necessary to flood me with homework). By the way, thanks for all the reviews and stuff on Funny School Things 2! I'm amazed it even got on the front page. I've read all your comments, and I'm responding to them whenever I find the time. Check out the original Funny School Things if you liked the sequel and didn't check out the original yet xD.

Did you like Funny School Things 2? Because...

Posted by Aqlex - September 1st, 2010

Funny School Things 2 is Out Now! Go watch it! It has 11 skits about funny things that have happened to my friends and I at school. It has a total of 16 different voiceactors for added variety xD. One of the skits is even written by my good friend Ana Reyes.
Check out the original Funny School Things for more added fun. It's not really necessary to understand this animation though, because they're all just random skits that don't really tie together.
By the way, Funny School Things 1 was my first real attempt at a Flash animation, so the sound quality sucks and the animation quality sucks, especially compared to Funny School Things 2. I was thinking about going back and updating the old one, but now I saw how bad it looks and it would basically need to be entirely re-made from scratch, so I'm not so sure I want to do that anymore. Also, I am currently SICK of doing school related animations, so I want to take a break for at least an animation or two before going back to school backgrounds and teachers. Although, I am still going to release a Funny School Things 2 Extras later this year, hopefully, with deleted scene and other fun bits of extra stuff left behind that I want to show everyone.
One more thing: Tell everyone you can about Funny School Things 2! I worked very hard on it, and don't want to let the work go to waste.

Funny School Things 2, OUT NOW!

Posted by Aqlex - August 29th, 2010

Yup, you heard correctly. I've just finished Funny School Things 2, and I plan on releasing it early on September 1st! I hope you're all looking forward to it! Here's a little preview thingy xD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGlnzOs dudI

By the way, now might be the time to catch up on Funny School Things one. It's not necessary to watch it in order to understand Funny School Things 2, but you might be able to pick up on a few more references and such =).

Get ready for September 1st!

Funny School Things 2: Coming September 1st!

Posted by Aqlex - August 18th, 2010

I'm still hard at work on Funny School Things 2, but I recently took a short break to animate a little short for my girlfriend's birthday! Check it out.

Happy B-day Nina! (short)