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I am Alex. I make films and animations. Will my stuff be awesome? Hell no, but who cares?! Nobody, that's who. </rant>. Current Project: Clothing

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Aqlex's News

Posted by Aqlex - 1 month ago

I've posted a new short for the first time in years!

Brother & Sister: Ep 5 - "Hanging Out"

Working in the film industry has taken over a lot of time, and I have less time than ever to make things nowadays. I've been busy on a particularly large project of my own for the past few years, but the pandemic forced me to set it aside for a while until we're allowed to start gathering in large groups again. So, I switched back to some of the animated projects that had been on hold because of the big project!

I know the animation and concepts in these are pretty simple. It's not that I don't have much larger or more complex projects to tackle, but these shorts are designed to be reasonably finishable, so that's why I'm making them. I'd rather finish something than spend years on too many huge projects that fall apart. Plus, I'm having fun, so that's what matters, right?

We'll see if I get any more of these done before the pandemic is properly over. I'm not so sure, because this one already basically took me a full year of the pandemic to finally finish. But if we're lucky, I'll squeeze in another one or two!

My local film industry is pretty much still in full swing though, despite the pandemic, so it's not like I'm sitting at home with nothing to do very often. But if a gap shows up, you know I'll be working on the next one!


Posted by Aqlex - February 7th, 2018

Hey all of you lovely Newgrounds peeps!


I just released my latest animation, Brother & Sister: Ep 4, and I got a #1 Daily Feature! I've never actually quite had this honor before. My "Funny School Things 2" animation got a #2 Daily Feature and front page back in the day, but this is the first time one of my pieces will have that little #1 Daily Feature trophy on it. Thanks to all of you that checked out the episode so far! I hope to be making many more of these.


If you haven't checked out Episode 4 yet, go do it!



Meanwhile, for those of you that are interested, I have blog posts on my site detailing some of what went into rebooting this series (which I stared back in 7th or 8th grade in 2007), and most recently a blog talking about how the Nicole character model has changed over time. Check them out at http://www.aqlex.com/.

I hope to be posting to Newgrounds more! The community is just so much more fun than places like the money-driven YouTube... I always post to NG first (though YouTube follows shortly after). So anyway, all that is really just to say: keep an eye out for more Brother & Sister episodes!


-Alex Zajicek

Posted by Aqlex - January 24th, 2018

Hey everyone! I've decided to reboot an old series of mine from YouTube (back before I knew what Newgrounds was).

Brother and Sister was an accidental series I started in 2007 (I say accidental because I thought it was going to be a one off short at the time, but it ended up having 13 episodes). I actually tried sort of bringing this series back with two shorts on Newgrounds a few years back, but I was trying to write a much longer episode so I kept calling these two "shorts." Anyway, I've since realized that the longer episode is outside of my scope at this point in time, so I've decided to start the series off as a bunch of smaller episodes. I'm rewrapping the two shorts I released on Newgrounds with a new title, theme song, and credits sequence (and I also adjusted some of the animation, aspect ratio, color palette, and sound mixes, so they're in a better form than ever before) as Episodes 1 and 2. But don't worry, I'm not just rehashing old material! I'll be releasing Episode 3 in a couple of days, and eventually I'll be releasing Episode 4 as well, which already has most of the work completed. And both of these are all new.

You can watch Episode 1 here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/705595

And Episode 2 here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/705719

Will there be even more episodes? I sure hope so. I have plenty of scripts, some dialogue recordings, and some assets already made toward future episodes. As long as time permits, I will be making more of these. Freelancing is how I make a living though, and it currently takes up a major portion of my time. So I can't give any dates or anything, but I do hope to be back with more content soon. Ideally the gaps between releases won't be YEARS long!

Check out some of my other work, if you're new. And check out my YouTube channel as well, though I promise to be always posting my animated work to Newgrounds too!

If any of you are from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, I'm going to have a short film of mine (called I Edit Lectures) premiere at the Albany Film Festival on March 25th, so feel free to swing by!



Website: http://www.aqlex.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/aqlex

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AqlexProductions

Posted by Aqlex - December 16th, 2016

I'm releasing my 6-year animated epic, the Fudda series, compiled into in a single, chronologically-ordered video.

You can watch it here.


I am not super excited to be "re-releasing" work like this, but it's kind of been a dream of mine for many years to finish this series and then compile the entire thing together. I mean, what better way to properly pick up on the jokes and storylines than seeing all of the parts together, in order? There isn't one, I tell you!



As I've said before, this series was an accident. It was never planned. Which is sad, because I have actually tried to plan animation series before, and I've generally failed. Case in point: I tried to make a flash series called GunDan at one point, but the first episode took about 6 months so I realized it just wasn't possible. Funnily enough, I made a silly spin-off taking place in the GunDan world, based on a random observation by my sister. The short was called Fudda. Somehow I came up with ideas for expanding it, so I made Finna. Rise and repeat until we are here today, 6 years later. Oops.

Coincidentally, the "arc" present in this story isn't perfect. Mainly because it was never originally written to really have a larger arc. It just sort of accidentally fell into place once I got far enough. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with how it all ties up! And finally, this little thought in a deep corner of my brain has been given some resolution. (1080p, even! And 4k on YouTube, because I'm cool).

Here's hoping that my next piece isn't so far off. But I say that every time. So, yeah. But I can at least assure you that the script is already done. So... take that! (Preferably with a grain of salt).


Posted by Aqlex - December 12th, 2016

Watch it here.

And first, maybe watch the the first 3 parts (Fudda, Finna, & Fitta) right here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/664900

And then maybe watch part 0 (Funna) here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/665148

And then it would make sense to watch Slap.



"Slap" concludes the adventures of Mr. Youth and his quest to teach his students. Many characters return to bring this story to a close.

Started about 6 years ago as part of my completely unintentional series that originated from a one-off spin-off of another series I failed to ever continue, "Slap" concludes Mr. Youth's epic teaching struggle arc. It's actually amazing how little this piece has changed since I originally envisioned it back in High School. The art style has definitely changed a bit, but the writing has pretty much remained untouched (besides the "Previously on..." joke that was tagged on about 3 years ago, and the very final scene which I added recently to tie the story up neatly.

There's nothing that crazy here in terms of the animation, but I definitely pushed some of my own skills into a new department with a few parts. There are definitely more considered rack focuses and camera moves than I usually do, which I think is a good thing.

On a related note, this piece was actually originally titled Funna. The script was the same thing, with the only mention of Funna being by Mr. Meyer in the beginning, but after writing it, I was inspired to write a script about Mr. Meyer actually dealing with this Funna-kid. So I wrote it. And then I changed the name, because THAT animation HAD to be called Funna. So this one was stuck with the only other title that it could be given, which was Slap. Which I find oddly appropriate, as this one brings many of the stories and characters back together for a final head-to-head, and it all culminates in a moment of action after all the inaction presented in the rest of this series. Also, Mr. Youth is finally slapped upside the head with an epiphany about his role as a teacher, so that happens.

I am super glad to finally be done with this piece. It has been driving me crazy for years that this thing was never concluded, but I'll finally be able to sleep at night. BUT, the one sad bit is that I think this might be it for these characters. I definitely have other scripts that contain them (Mr. Meyer and Mr. Youth in particular), but I don't see myself focusing on any of those anytime soon. If ever...?

What's next? It's too early to talk about, but I am planning on turning my attention to material that has been written a bit more recently than 6 years ago. Maybe only 3 years ago this time! But if you've been following my work for a long time, it will definitely be in one of the worlds that I've already established (No, all my work does not fall into the same world. Though yes, many of my pieces are part of the same worlds). And I'm hoping to find a way to release work a little more often than I've been managing for the last few years, but who knows. I think I've made that promise to myself every year for the last 8 years.



Posted by Aqlex - November 8th, 2015

Hey Newgrounds!

I just put up an Indiegogo Campaign for a short film I've been working on for over a year now.

I've been on here for a couple of years. Since 2008 I think. I've been posting up animations (albiet inconsistently) since my early days here as well, but I've always had a love for storytelling in all forms.

Now I just graduated from college, and as my senior thesis, I made a short film. I've been making them for years, and even gotten into a handful of festivals, but this film I made as my senior thesis, titled "The Last Summer," is definitely my biggest project yet.

It's not animated, so I know it's not quite appropriate Newgrounds material, but it's currently what I've been pouring all of my time into. If anyone here is interested in short films or coming of age stories (particularly comedic-and-dramatic ones that also poke some fun at modern culture), please try to check out my Indiegogo Campaign.


You can find out a bit more about the project on my website, here.

Newgrounds has been a really cool place that's helped me develop as an artist and storyteller, and I hope to be able to share this film with you all one day in some form. And don't worry, animated things are still coming too!

Posted by Aqlex - October 24th, 2015

Watch it here.


5 years later, I'm finally done with this one! Has it taken me forever or what?

This animation follows Mr. Meyer (before the events of Fudda, Finna, and Fitta), as he has to deal with Billy, a misbehaving student that prefers not to speak traditional English. Rife with inside jokes, as well as a couple of High School physics/chem jokes, this animation pokes some fun at teachers, students, and the education system in general.

I've been working on and off on this animation for about 5 years now. It was meant to be one of my animations directly after the release of Fitta, and though I got the script and voice work all finished, circumstances changed and I had to rewrite the script somewhat (the original was making cancer jokes that just didn't quite feel appropriate when someone close to the project contracted the disease). Then I realized I really wanted to work on Funny School Things 2. Then... well one of the many things that happened was college. But about 2 years into college, I picked Funna back up. I touched up the script once again, drew storyboards, and started on the backgrounds. Later I decided to re-do all of the original voice work.

Then I had to set it down again as my new semester started to kick into gear.

This sad cycle repeated numerous times. Start work on it, set it down due to school/work/life, then eventually pick it back up. I even set it down at least twice (maybe more?) to work on "smaller" projects, because it was just taking so darn long to make this thing that I wanted to be able to FINISH something again. (Not that this project was even that particularly long. It was just getting to me how long it was taking to make.)

Anyway, it's finally done. This was really the "project that got away." It was sitting partially finished on my machine for years... I upgraded my programs and machine more than once in the meantime, and it was a miracle everything stayed together. The only casualty is that I lost the very first script... so I'm not even sure what I changed anymore, because that was written about 5 years ago...


By the way, I've actually written 4 different animations with the Mr. Meyer character. This just happens to be the first one ever finished. One was one of the animations I canceled, another is still a possible future project, and one will only happen if I ever decide to do some sort of Funny School Things skit-style collection. I've voiced the character for three of four, and it's kinda crazy how much I've already considered this as being one of my characters for years, considering this is the first time anyone else has actually seen him. The one animation where he's a character that I might do one day isn't even starring him, though the role is major enough. We'll see if I ever even get there.

Well, it doesn't matter. At least THIS piece is finally finished. Enjoy it if you can! If you can't... find something better to do. Later!



Website: http://www.aqlex.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/aqlex

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AqlexProductions

Tumblr: http://aqlex.tumblr.com/


Aqlex Productions 2015


Posted by Aqlex - October 17th, 2015

Watch it here.

Follow Mr. Youth in his quest to better education for all students.


Fudda, Finna, and Fitta all in one place, slightly touched up and now in HD!

I was beginning to worry that I wasn't going to release anything animated in 2015! But the clock was ticking and I finally finished up this beast. There's new material on the way soon, too, so don't freak out! It's right around the corner.

In my head, I've been calling this an "accidental" series. I never intended it to become one. Fudda was a one off joke that I managed to throw together during a particularly homeworkless week of High School. Then somehow I came up with a part 2, and somehow a part 3... Still, this was never an animation that I thought I would be re-releasing in HD. But then I realized I could re-release all three of them in one bundle... and it was all downhill from there. I re-edited them all partially, made them 16x9 (they weren't originally), re-did some of the sound work... It eventually turned into this. It's still largely the original pieces, but with lots of extra flourishes added. Some are there just because I have more time and/or experience now, so I can do things or come up with things that just straight up didn't occur to me the first time around, but also, a lot of changes are stuff that I would have loved to do the first time around if I had proper control of my tools. Or even the right tools.

As a funny note, I realized the original projects were one of my first real attempts at animating with a wacom tablet. Nowadays, I have no idea how I managed to animate anything with just a mouse before this, honestly...

Alright, enjoy this. I hope you find something to like! If so, check out some of my other animations. I promise I got at least a bit of new material coming soon too. Likely next week even!


Posted by Aqlex - September 3rd, 2014

Alright, here's a short new animation!

Now, I was working on bigger stuff, but it turned out to be too big for my already-limited animation time, so I had to set it aside for the time being. I made THIS one instead, based on a script I wrote while I was animating Genius Cop 2.

I tried out some new stuff, namely a new lip sync method. While I love the result, there was just too much work involved, so I'm going to have to find a good middleground.

I wrote it at the time because I realized that Ms. Leursen (who I consider to be one of my more iconic characters) is only in three of my animations, and one of those is a remake of the other! Plus she's just fun to work with, both in writing and in animating. She listens to the least of my animation rules. If you're interested, you can find her in Funny School Things, Funny School Things 2, and Funny School Things Redux.

I'm still open for doing voiceacting by the way, if anyone is looking for voiceactors!

Alright, time for another semester of classes. We'll see what kind of free time that translates to (spoiler alert: probably none).


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/Aqlex
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AqlexProductions
Tumblr: http://aqlex.tumblr.com/


Posted by Aqlex - December 12th, 2013

This was my final for my Flash Animation class. The assignment had some really restrictive rules, so I took the chance to 1) push those rules, and 2) make something pretty out-of-the-norm instead of my usual work.

The assignment had to have an alien (that spoke English) on one planet (and include a walk cycle) go to a spaceship and head to another planet, where the alien had to interact with another alien. I made the spaceship a couch, I made the alien's tounge come from the roof of his mouth, I made his walk cycle not a human-like walk at all, and I probably screwed with other constraints as well. This is what came out of it.